About Cloud 9 Electric Lift – terrific for TV, appliances, and even kitchen cabinets!

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Drawing inspiration from our ultra reliable WoodWaiter product line, we at WB Fowler Industries have now developed a new class of TV lift. Specifically for Plasma and LCD TV types, this versatile heavy duty lift can be mounted to move a screen vertically up from inside a cabinet or behind a couch, from the ceiling or sideways through a wall. Let your imagination be your guide.

The Cloud 9 TV lift is fully remote control and can either be run on standard 120 Volt AC house wiring or 12 Volt DC in a chalet or renewable energy home.

Hiding your flat screen from view when not in use not only provides security from theft but also can allow placement of a TV in a room which may otherwise have been off limits…

  • Ultra reliable
  • Heavy duty design
  • Horizontal or vertical operation versatility
  • Remote controlled
  • 120 Volt AC or 12 Volt DC power operation
  • “Out of sight out of mind” screen theft security

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